Clouds as black as pitch loomed over the great hill, sounds like thunder rolling across the expanse of land that appeared desolate and dim in their demonic presence.

"I defy you!" My voice echoed across the fields and meadows, past the nearby towns and villages as I stared at the foot of the hill towards the five creatures, "demons of the Nether world, return to your wretched masters!"

The creatures stepped forwards. They where towering in their awesome grandeur, their helmets covered their entire face with three prongs like a trident rising high above their heads, their eyes glowing blue. They seemed to drift rather than walk on the floor which deadened at their touch. They wore long black robes with dark metal on their shoulders, arms and legs. they each clutched swords like shards of crystal.

I thrust Essentiar into the sky, burning like a white flame.

"I will not repeat myself Nether Demons, return to your Realm!" already I could feel their presence in my mind, seeking my pain and sin. A cloudy fog dulled my senses, a pain seeping through my body. I began to succumb to their will and my light faded. With the last of my strength I cried out.

"Celestarin, light of the elves, guide me, release their dark grip from my mind!" I cried and my form glowed with the light of many stars. Again I thrust my blade into the air, puncturing a hole in the dark sky.

Light streamed through, striking them like thunder. They screamed as the shaft of light pierced them as a blade through canvas.

They began to back away.

"I am the voice of the heavens, emissary of light and life... I am the fire of passion and the water of tranquility!" A pulse of fire radiated outwards, searing their robes as an aura of healing embraced the land that they had defiled, "NOW!" my voice filled the skies, "BEGONE!" they howled like the winds and their robes fluttered into the gales, gliding through the air.

I fell to the ground, my breath rattling my chest, a pain in my heart.

My faithful mare Arowyn appeared, glistening white as she cantered towards me, nudging me to get on to her back.

"You are right," I sighed, "they will return and we must seek a safer place," I slowly pulled myself onto her back, "we should seek the Council, if the ties that bind the Realm are loosening then they must be made aware!"

With that I rode as fast as I could.

The End

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