Armes: Heart-to-heart

It felt so good to wash the dirt from my skin after riding for so long.  The water was suprisingly warm and relaxed the tense muscles in my body.  I washed quickly so the others could bathe before it got too dark and we had to sleep.

I left my hair dripping down my back as I put on a fresh riding skirt and shirt.  I had to find Jadir before I began my watch.  I found him exactly where I had expected to find him, sitting alone by the fire.  I silently sat next to him.

'Are you OK?'  I asked casually, even though I knew he wasn't because of the creases in his forehead.

'I'm not sure I can say.'

'You can always talk to me, you know that don't you?'  He nodded but remained silent for a while before answering.

'It's Naria.'

'Isn't it always something to do with Naria?  She seems to have everyone under her spell.'  I meant it affectionately but Jadir looked at me like I had insulted her.  'What in particular about Naria?'

'She just doesn't seem to notice me at all, and this Ramin guy keeps messing her around, I love you, we should just stay friends then I love you again!'  I noticed his voice getting louder as he grew more frustrated.

'Why don't you forget Naria?  There are always other girls.'  I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as I began to tiptoe across the invisible line between us.

'There is only Naria, there has only ever been Naria.'  If I hadn't known him better I would have said he was about to cry.

'You deserve someone who will love you unconditionally and for who you are.'

'You are such a good friend, to me and Naria.  I hope you know that Armes.'  Jadir gave me a big hug, squeezing me tightly.  Holding back tears I hugged him back.

'I know.'  It was knowing that which hurt me.  I would never be brave enough to cross the line.  For all the battles I'd fought in and the number of men I've killed, I am still a coward when it comes to love.

The End

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