I surfaced from the water, pushing back my hair. Everyone else had done, and they had gone to look for food. No one remained in the campsite. I dived back in the water marvelling at the beautiful green stones that littered the bottom of the pool. When I ran out of air, I began to swim to the surface. My head broke through the water, and I saw ramin standing in front of me.

"Oh, I...I'm sorry." He looked flustered, and turned his back. Grinning, I pulled myself out of the pool. I slipped my clothes back on, happy to be clean again. I used the pool to look at my reflection. I looked better. Then, I called on the wind to dry my hair. It flowed out, drying in to curls and waves. When I had done, I tapped Ramin on the shoulder. He turned. His ragged stubble had gone, and his hair was shorter.

"You, you look good." I said.

"Thank you. You look beautiful." I blushed.

"Amazing what a good clean up will do to the two of us isn't it?" He grinned, and then there was an awkward silence. "" He reached down and gently kissed me on the lips. I stared at him startled.

"I'm sorry, that was forward of me."

I smiled and put my finger on his lips.

"The only way to make things happen is to be forward in the first place." Then I reached up and gave him a peck on the lips, before splashing him with water. He looked shocked. I laughed at the expression on his face.

The End

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