Ramin: New Ramin

I looked to her and sighed, I knew I was so close to her so close to winning her heart and yet, I could not do it. If there was a chance that I could promise myself to her for an eternity and it be an eternity I would do so. But I could not risk destroying her heart. I sighed, standing from the fire. I walked a little way down the river with my satchel in hand. I had packed some scissors with me, for I did not know how long my journey would take and I take pride in my appearance, though it may not look so.

Truth is, any human compared to an elf looks unkempt, I just more so. I took the sharpened blades to my hair, cutting the locks until my hair fell just to my chin, then I wet it before bringing my home-made brush to the tangled curls. When I had done, I surely looked better. Though I curse my true parents for giving me curly hair.

Once done, I shaved what stubble I had upon my face. Even if I could not win the lady by looks, I would sure look okay to be in her company. I stood, holding myself high as I dusted off my tunic and pants, making sure I was all in order before heading back, satchel in hand.

The End

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