"I understand Ramin. I understand why you do as you do."

And with that I wandered back to the waterfall, my cheek still burning from where he had kissed me. I saw ramin come back, and knew that the others noticed we had been together. They thought something was going on, but by Ramin's standards it was far from that. And by elven standards, his earlier behaviour would have meant he was courting me. Which left me very confused. I felt dirty from our long ride and needed to wash. I went to the water and asked whether I could bathe in his waters. He answered it would be a pleasure, so I turned to the others and told them of the water's kind words.

"We should give each other the privacy of the pool. Women first. Armes, as you are watching tonight, do you wish to go first?" She nodded, and as the others turned away, Aileah, Mariena and I stood in front of her as she undressed and slipped in to the beautiful clear waters.

The End

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