Mariena - Distrust

I could tell the other members in the group didn't exactly trust me. After all I had just gone and attached myself to them. And I came from a village of mages. There was plenty of reason to not trust me. For the most part they let me ride alone, lost in my thoughts. 

At one point I was delighted to hear the elves break into song. The trees around us seemed to respond to us, and I looked around in awe.

Sometime, another of the elves, Naria, and the human woman rode up on either side of me. I felt a little trapped, as if this had been orchestrated as an interrogation. When they asked the first question I realized it was just that. 

"So why did you attach yourselves to us?" Naria asked, beginning the questioning.

Quickly I ran through the reasons I had told Armes. It might have been easier to tell everyone my reasoning all at once, for as it is I seemed to be having to repeat it.

Aileah nodded thoughtfully. "As good a reason as any," she stated. Naria however continued the questioning.

"My knowledge of humans is a little limited, but I've been led to believe that the women of your kind don't normally have magic," she stated, as if it was a question.

I nodded nervously. "Yes, that is true. I'm a little bit of an exception it seems."

"So you do have magic?" she continued.

"Yes. I'm still an apprentice, having not completed my training. But there is much I can do," I replied. 

"So apprentice, are you considered powerful among your people? And can you control what you do?" she asked, keeping with the interrogation. 

I thought for a minute how best to answer it. I did not want to appear to be gloating, and yet at the same time I didn't want to raise concerns over my level of control. 

"I am far from being considered at the weaker end of the scale" I replied truthfully, then paused again. "And for the most part I can control it. I have a slight concentration issue sometimes."

Naria nodded, taking this in. "I thank you for being truthful with me about that," she murmured, before she and Aileah went to ride ahead again. 

"So did I pass your test?" I called, to her back.

I was rewarded with a laugh. "We will see apprentice. With time we will see." 


The End

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