Vilhelm - Do you trust her?

I caught up with Armes, spurring my horse to match the pace of hers.

“I wanted to voice my concern for the new girl.”

“You would not be the first,” Armes replied. “I, too, am worried about her.”

“From the way she spoke in the village, I believe she has magic,” I stated.

“This I know to be true, old man,” Armes said with a smile. I didn’t mind the “old man” comment, for I had a feeling it was more of a jest of a comparison of our two ages. Armes would no doubt be much older than I.

Armes continued after a moment. “She has said so herself. She was the one that attached the shoe to the horse using magic.”

“Do you trust her?” I asked.

“Only time will tell.”

Her statement told me a lot of things. First of all, it told me that she would turn on the new girl if the situation called for it. That also meant that she would turn on us if the circumstances were right. However, I was beginning to get a sense of confidence in our company of elves. I didn’t want to let that sense get to my head, making me senseless. I laughed at the thought.

Changing the subject, I asked, “How long to the elven elders?”

The End

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