Mariena - Off for Adventure

While the group I was soon to join waited, I quickly attached a new shoe to the horse using magic. My father had stopped by to insist that they not see the magic so the others had waited outside.

The task was soon done, and, after stopping by Gerome's cottage to grab my pack we were on my way. We had barely cleared the village when one of the elves, Armes, suddenly reigned her horse in near mine.

"Alright, explain now why you suddenly burdened us with you?" she asked fiercely. 

I gestured to the woods, and so we rode on in silence for a bit. Finally I spoke up. "The mages in my village do not believe in using their gifts for free, or even for very cheap. Our blacksmith left 2 moons ago to visit an ill family member, which means we have taken to do his tasks with magic. That means your task required magic, and I do not think you could afford the monetary amount Alexend would have charged," I answered simply. 

"We have coin to go around," Armes stated. 

"Yes, but magic is costly. If you failed to raise the coin, then you would have had to work in service until your debt was paid. And they do not often let people go once they've requested aid. I had to charge a price for the task, one that my... that Alexend would not see  as too low. Having me tag along seemed to be the only option," I explained.

"But why would you want to tag along in the first place. You don't even know us. If you have some kind of plan then forget it," Armes said, glowering at me threateningly. 

I sighed. "No plan. I don't believe that people should have to pay excessive prices for our gifts. And I've always wanted to see the world outside our village. Being the child of mages normally leads to a sheltered life. I've always dreamt of adventure." The last was said almost wistfully.

Armes nodded. "Well that last bit I can understand. It reminds me of someone I know," she stated, glancing at the back of another of the elves who was riding a little ahead. "Well just know that for now I'll be watching you."

And with that she spurred her horse ahead again, leaving me temporarily too my own thoughts. 

The End

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