Armes: Village

I didn't bother running off after Naria, she would only get annoyed and I didn't want to get on her bad side, if she had one at the moment.  She was so cheerful when she was around Ramin it was painful.  It was the speed with which things gad blossomed between the two that worried me.  Would the novelty wear of just as fast?

I rode alone, not wanting to speak to anyone else but not wanting to be left with my thoughts.  Why did life have to be so complicated?

We entered the small village as a group staying close together.  It seemed everyone came out to see us pass into the village.  I felt very uneasy with so many pairs of eyes watching me.  My fingers itched to reach for a weapon but Jadir seemed to have read my mind and stopped me by putting his hand over mine.

I must have imagined the spark I felt when our skin touched as he didn't seem to notice it and continued to ride normally.  Now I was imagining things too.  His warm hand on mine was comforting as we stopped in the centre of the village.

'Greetings.'  I let Vilhelm handle the introductions.  'We are a group of travellers and unfortunately my horse has lost a shoe.  We cannot continue on our journey until we have replaced it.  As this is the nearest village we were wondering if you had a blacksmith who could help us?'  I could tell Vilhelm was as nervous as us of the wizards surrounding us, knowing that they could blow us into oblivion if they chose to.

'We would be very happy to help you sir.'  A man who I assumed was their leader stepped forward.  'If you would lead your horses this way we can offer you some refreshment while you wait.'  We cautiously followed the wizard, my hand still in Jadir's.

'I don't like this,' I muttered to him.  'There is something not quite right about these people.'

'You worry far too much Armes.  For once just relax and don't worry about everyone else, we are able to look after ourselves.'

'I wonder where Ramin and Naria have got to?'  Jadir laughed at me.

'Did you not hear a word I just said?'  He continued to laugh as we entered the hut of the leading wizard.  Everything was dark except for the small fire in the centre of the single room which cast only limited light.

'Please make yourself at home.  I will check to see your horses are fed and watered.'  With a smile that seemed far too sincere for my taste, he left the room.

The End

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