Armes: Practise

There were so many thoughts running through my head as I got out my bedroll and got in it that I couldn't sleep.  Naria's bedroll was layed out beside mine but she wasn't in it.  In fact she didn't come back til late and I didn't have the energy to question where she had been.  I was her friend not her mother, I shouldn't be so protective of her.  I just didn't want her to have her heart broken.

I slept on and off throughout the night and when it was still dark I was woken by Vilhelm to stand my watch.  I got bored very quickly, sitting and watching the sky slowly grow lighter.  I got out my bow and quiver of arrows and made a makeshift target out of a dead log.

I fired arrow after arrow at the target, each one hitting its mark.  I was so engrossed I didn't hear Ramin walk up behind me.

'Impressive.  I've never seen an elf shoot before.  Your skills have not been exaggerated.'

'Well, I am one of the best.'  I realised how pompous I had sounded and quickly apologised.  'I'm sorry, that sounded so awful didn't it.'  I cringed as he laughed.

'It did, just a bit.'

'Look I want to make one thing pefectly clear Ramin.  I like you, you seem like a decent sort of guy but I don't want Naria to get hurt.  She means a lot to me and I can't pretend that the two of you becoming an item is a good idea.  Don't shake your head at me, I've seen the way you two are with each other.  I am just all to aware of your lifespan.  You will live for only a fraction of her lifetime and when you die it will break her heart.  I'm not saying you should stay away from her.  Just think about what you're doing.'

I picked up my bow and arrows and walked back towards my bedroll.  We would be on the move soon and I needed to be ready.  I lit a fire and woke Naria.  She was always grumpier in the mornings but today she seemed cheerful and hummed to herself as she packed up her things and ate breakfast.

When we were all cleared up, the horses were saddled and we got ready to ride.  As usual I positioned myself next to Naria and Ramin was on her other side.  I pretended to ignore the tension that was building between them but eventually I couldn't take it much longer and pushed ahead, leaving them behind.

'Does it hurt?'  Jadir asked.  His eyes were full of pain too as he looked at Ramin and Naria.

'A little.  I'm just worried about her.  She's going to get in too deep and then she won't be able to get out.  I just wish there was someone to love me that much.'

'I wish she loved me like that.'  His words hurt me in a way I hadn't expected, making my body ache.  Could I not be around anyone without feeling like a spare part?

The End

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