Ramin: Beauty

The night was too eventful for my liking, so I slept almost immediately after we talked. Trouble was I couldn’t really sleep. I awoke before anyone else and as the skies only just began to strike blue. I was called, by something. Something sweet, a beautiful song, I rose to my feet and followed it, my keen ear listening to every noise made.

The song brought me back into the forest, leading me to a quiet clearing. There stood a wonderful creature, something I never thought I’d see for only stories and myths I had been told before... well, legends.

It had a beautiful, long flowing mane and deep blue eyes that matched my own. She had glowing skin, radiating with the morning light. She clipped her hooves slightly on the ground; they were perfect and the colour of molten silver. She was the colour, heavenly white. But what caught my eye most of all was the long ivory horn protruding through its thick mane.

“You’re beautiful,” I gasped, taking a cautious step forward, making the horse take a few steps back. I hushed her, trying to quiet her and comfort her.

She blew some air from her nose and shook her mane. I reached out my mane, carefully placing it on her and she seemed to smile, the song around her picking up. She looked at me all the time as I stroked her. Then, she stared into my eyes, the contact un-nerved me a little but she seemed to calm as she looked into them, it made me wonder what she saw...

Then she lifted her head, lowering herself a little, gesturing for me to get onto her back. She wasn’t a heavy horse, like a draft horse. She was nimble and in fact I thought that by mounting her I would break her. But as soon as I made contact with her back I immediately felt her strength, then the song halted and I wondered what was wrong. She bowed her head. She shifted some earth with her hoof. She whinnied.

She bolted off through the trees, speeding off across the great plain. I clutched at her mane, careful not to pull too much as she ran wildly, whinnying and bucking joyfully. We didn’t stray too far from camp; it was like she knew where I came from. I could see them sleeping from here, so peaceful.

I ran my hand through her mane as she slowed to a canter, then to a trot. “You’re amazing,” I whispered and the horse’s head nodded, causing me to laugh. “But, why me?” The horse stopped and turned her head to look at me, her eyes joining mine again and I sort of understood. I nodded slightly and let her take me back to camp.

“Don’t leave me, stay,” I whispered and as I dismounted the horse turned to me and seemed to sigh before shaking her head, bolting off across the field again to the forest beyond and I sighed unhappily, “I’ll see you again...”

The End

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