Aileah: The Bird

I had watched them leave, Naria taking the Ramin's hand and disappearing into the shadows of the wood. Perhaps it was not good for the elven princess to be romancing with a human, it certainly could end tragically. Elves were nearly immortal. Humans were not. It was a fact that Althen constantly reminded me, telling me with the most somber look in his grave eyes that I would be a "blink in his memory one day" that my life would be only extended meagerly by the effect of living with the elf magic so long, and still it would be a breath in an elf's memory.

They returned just in time for dinner, when the food was being handed out. Naria took a seat beside me, her face flowering with joy and her eyes glowing with radiance, though her steady gaze still remained across the fire at Ramin, gently carressing his handsome horse. " should truly return to your father." I murmured. She seemed to only half hear me.

"That is ridiculous," she said lightly. "What, I am to spend a millenium caged under the watch of my father? Of course not. I must do something. And this seems a very good option. Anyways, Ramin should not be wandering the deep wood on his own, yes?"

"Well...," I began, watching as Ramin looked up from his horse, his eyes meeting Naria's. "Do you think it may not be a good idea to..." I didn't want to end my thought. I didn't know how to put it.

"What? Do I think it may not be a good idea to do what?" she turned to me abruptly.

I furrowed my brow, wishing I hadn't said anything. "To....I don't know...."

She seemed to sense what I was getting at. Naria became furious, her voice low and angry, "Are you telling me that I should not be around Ramin? Why not? Well, then I should flee back to Father just because he tells me so, and I should not be around Ramin because of whatever reason....," she gestured wildly, her fiery gaze still holding my own. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the older human gesture for Ramin to follow him into the woods. "...because you don't think it's right. I am old enough to make my own choices, and do what I believe is right or wrong myself."

I winced as she stood up, placing herself a little ways away from me. Armes then found a seat next to her. Running my hand over my face, I sighed.

A bird landed on my shoulder, singing softly into my ear. I nearly jumped out of my skins at such a suprise, but managed to calm myself. With a slight smile, I realised it was the bird from the window sill several days before. "Hello," I murmured, allowing it's fragile form to hop onto my finger.

I stroked it for a little while, talking to it gently. Suddenly, it whistled quite loudly and flew away, it's small figure appearing to melt into the darkness of a nearby tree. How odd, I shook my head, turning back to the fire to think.

It fluttered back, circling around my head several times. It whistled again and flew off, seeming to wait for me a few feet away, it's beady black eyes observing me.

Quietly, I unfolded my legs and stood. Did it want me to follow it. The little blue bird flew into the woods, and I followed after it. I felt as if there was no ground below my feet as I ran blindly in the nighttime forrest, chasing after the sound of fluttering wings and whistles. Amazingly, I did not trip on brush or run head on into a tree.

"Where are you taking me?" I wondered aloud, rushing to keep up. I wished I had the speed of an elf.

Then I did not hear it anymore, and I was standing alone on the edge of a clearing, silvery moonlight shinning full and bright into it. In the center stood Ramin and the older man, who's name I swore was Vilhelm.

" never got a chance to tell me what you found in your research." I heard Ramin say to the other man.

"Well..." began the man I believed to be Vilhelm. He got closer to Ramin, murmuring so softly I could only catch a few words. Forgotten Realm was one. A Forgotten Realm? From what I could hear, they spoke of some mysterious place of no one's knowledge. 

I wished to hear more, but even as much as I strained my ears, I could not gleen any additional information. Soon, Vilhelm clapped Ramin on the arm, saying something about rest, and they both left in the way of camp.

Yawning, I felt my way back to where I came, wondering why the blue bird lead me here, if there was any reason at all.

The End

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