Naria: Enchanted?

Ramin left with Vilhelm, which gave me time to think without being distracted by his gaze. I desperately wanted to hear what they said, but I couldn't leave, as I was supposed to be on guard. Armes came over and sat next to me.

  'Be careful.  We don't know who he is and until we do we shouldn't get too involved.'

'Too involved?  I've left my home and my father for this.  I think we are already too involved.'

"You are really stubborn you know that? Jadir really likes you, and you brush him off like he is nothing. He's nice enough, why can't you see that?"

"He is always trying to control me, and anyway, I do not find him that attractive."

"But at least he loves you."

"I don't return his affections. I only want to be his friend Armes. I wish he could see that."

Armes sighed and hugged me, then got up, leaving me. I crept up in to a tree and watched Vilhelm come back and settle down to sleep. Soon all the others were asleep too. The, I heard Ramin coming back. Swinging down I landed in front of him.


"Hello." Silently I climbed back up in to the tree, and after a moment, he followed me. I sat on the branch I had just vaccated, and he slid along to join me. I offered him some berries. He took them, all the while looking at me. I blushed as his hand skimmed mine.

"I think we need to talk."

The End

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