Armes: You'll have to try harder

'You won't win her if you continue like that you know.'  I said to Jadir as we collected wood together.

'What do you mean?'

'She doesn't like being bossed around, believe me I know.  She likes having her own freedom and doing what she likes.'

'But she is a princess, she already has that freedom.'  Jadir looked confused.  Poor thing, he thought he knew her so well.

'It is the fact that she is a princess that takes away her freedom.  Why do you think you were sent to bring her back?  She doesn't belong here, at this camp, with these people, she should be back at the palace, looking beautiful and graceful.  Instead she wants to have the freedom we have, to be warriors and have adventures.  If you want to win her heart then you have to see past her as a beautiful princess and see her as a person.'

'Maybe I'm just not good enough for her.'  Jadir looked so sad.  He saw Ramin as more of a threat than I'd realised.  'I don't blame her, she's so beautiful and I don't have anything she would want.'  I didn't take my eyes off Jadir's face.  From where I was standing there was a lot to like about him.  OK so he wasn't the sharpest arrow in the quiver but he had a good heart, even if his methods weren't quite right.  And he was handsome, that made up for a lot.

'Trust me, she'd be lucky to have you.'  I gave him a quick hug and peck on the cheek and wandered off towards the centre of camp, my arms filled with wood for the fire.

I made sure the horses were comfortable before sitting down to eat with the rest of the group.  I could tell there was something going on between Ramin and Naria.  Although they were sitting apart their eyes kept meeting over the fire.

Later, when I had a chance to speak to Naria alone I warned her about the humans.  'Be careful.  We don't know who he is and until we do we shouldn't get too involved.'

'Too involved?  I've left my home and my father for this.  I think we are already too involved.'

The End

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