Ramin: Sleep is for Those, not Enchanted

“Why, I followed a fair, flaxen haired maiden. She had swift movements and smelt so sweetly, I do believe she was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on,” I smiled a little coyly. I understood that I was talking about her and she knew that I knew.

She blushed slightly and I smiled, “Now, my dear lady I believe the company may be missing us and I would not want to keep you from your admirer,” I bowed my head ever so slightly and slid back down the trunk of the tree.

Here I headed back to camp and began to eat some of the elven bread that they had prepared me. It had a rich, creamy taste and you could tell the utmost care had gone into making it. Elves were so gracious and cared so deeply in nature. This I admired, for I also cared about nature.

When I used to hunt for the village, I always made sure the animal died swiftly and that every piece was used. The meat, for eating. The fur for making clothes, the bones for weapons and needles. Although metal was preferred for such things I would not waste an animal, for it too has a soul. The same for trees, though many laughed at the prospect of elves talking to trees this surely meant that they had souls too.

Which is why I vowed never to use live trees for wood, nor did I kill that bird. She was so beautiful and had I realised that it would be killing in cold blood, not only that she had chicks to look after.

I sighed, tearing into another piece, not forgetting to feed Raine too. She was laid beside me and I rested against her as we kept each other warm beside the roaring fire. I stroked her mane carefully and lovingly and she nudged me with her muzzle. I smiled at her and she rested her head down to sleep. I realised that I would be doing the same soon, if I could just tear my eyes away from the maiden that sat across from me.

The End

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