"You have no right to offer her such things! Naria, come. Your father is waiting" I had a sudden urge to smack Jadir across the face, but instead, I calmed myself and replied.

  "No. I am staying."

  Jadir furrowed his brow, his eyes flaming. I had got used to this face when I refused to do things he wished, but he always persisted. When was he going to get it?  Suddenly, the tension was wiped clean off of his face, and he said smoothly, "Well, than I shall stay too. My duty was to fetch you, and until it is complete, I will stay."

"Great. This journey was supposed to be about me, and now I've got even more of you!" Ramin said grumpily, although he looked pleased that I was staying. It almost made me blush at the way he was looking at me, but I composed myself.

"It appears I will never escape. Would you have me leave?"

"No Naria. It is your business where you go."

"Thank you." I bowed my head to him. "Well it seems we shall camp here. I shall take first watch." Jadir tried to protest. "Oh do be quiet Jadir!" He silenced, shock on his face. Ramin grinned and then tried to hide it behind the wood he was carrying. I saw it though, and secretly smiled at him as I turned to survey the clearing. "I shall be up there." I pointed to a tree on the edge of the clearing. "Come, let us make a fire and have some food." I began gathering twigs that had fallen and died, refusing to use alive wood. Ramin collected next to me.

"You are a good man" I whispered to him, before turning to take his hand. "Let me show you something."

 Silently I helped him climb up the nearest tree. The others would not notice we had gone for a while. At the top of the tree I pulled him up, and he stared in awe at the scene in front of him. Trees stretched out in front of him, the last rays of the sun making them appear to be on fire with colour. It was beautiful, to say the least. 

"I have never shown this to anyone else. No one else will go above the tree tops, or venture outside of the forest." He smiled at me, and I smiled back. Did he know I was the woman from the woods?

"How did you get so close to our home?"

The End

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