Ramin: Company

I sighed, I did not need a princess to look after, I’m sure she could handle herself, but, with a princess comes hunters and bandits. All I wanted was a simple journey to the deeper forests. I did not intend to amass a group. But as much as I would have loved to deny them she was a princess and although she wished me not to treat her as such, she was a princess.

But as I opened my mouth to speak, she interjected; “I insist.”

Great, just great. I huffed and turned, trotting off with Raine. “Princess, I must keep moving you understand.”


“Princess,” I growled slightly, patting Raine’s side to encourage her to go faster.  She broke into a soft canter and soon I heard the fellow hooves behind me. I knew that some belonged to Vilhelm, the others to the elves. After a few hours of this chase I slowed in the clearing at the edge of the forest, just before the great plain.

“That was rude!” She protested and I sighed.

I shall make camp here, I do not need the hassle of company with me, but if you wish to camp with me for one night, go ahead you’ll be gone by morning.” I did not allow her to answer me as I dismounted from Raine and began to find firewood. I had been here before, so gathering wood was easy. When I returned, my ‘company’ had multiplied again. Gaining two more members.

“We are here for the princess,”

“Good, take her. I don’t need any company here.” I set up the fire, flicking my flint and tinder together creating the spark needed to set the dead wood into life again. I sat looking into the deep embers and sighed.

Company would be nice, I shouldn’t be so rude. But they must all understand I have my own safety to worry about. That and Vilhelm should be more than enough company.  I flicked my eyes over to the elder man, then to the two women. But their company would be so much more obliged, a better conversation, a livelier laugh. In fact, it would be preferred. If such a woman did not come with a title.

I sighed once more, poking at the fire with a stick, instigating and torturing the flames.

“It was the princess’ choice to be here, whether the king wants her back or not, she still has the choice.” I don’t believe what I was saying, her father would go mental. “There is a place here for such a skilled hand in combat as you, Naria.” I looked up from the flames to the three elves and a... human.

“The offer is there but the affairs of elves are not mine. I am sorry for being rude Naria, forgive me.”

The End

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