Ramin: To Begin

I was defeated again and although it shamed me I stood tall, “forgive me, but my weapon is a bow and dagger, I do not fight with such long blades usually. I am no warrior, I am a hunter.”  I placed the perfectly crafted sword back in its place, instead picking up a fine, oak bow. I caressed its slender form for a moment, admiring its craftsmanship before slinging it over my shoulder, laying my old one in its place.

I kept my dagger, more for the sentimental value of it than for its effectiveness.

After I had finished, I was led back to the king.

“My liege, I shall take no more of your hospitality. I must leave and go upon my journey. I thank you.”

He simply nodded and I bowed once more.

I knew, once I left this place that my journey would truly begin.

That I would finally be able to meet my destiny.

The End

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