I watched as the human, Ramin, bowed to my father, shooting one last look at me before following Armes to the armoury.

"Daughter, you have been near the edge of the forest again."

"Yes father."

"Why can you not live peacefully here? We have all you could need."

"I merely wish to see first hand outside this forest father."

"Stubborn child. You are just like your mother."

"She would have said I was just like you." He smiled, then waved me away.

"Go, and try not to get in to trouble."

"Yes father."

Outside the hall I followed the path to the armoury where I looked in to see Armes with Ramin. He was testing a sword, swinging it expertly. Expertly for a human that is. Slipping my own sword out, I climbed to the top of the armoury, and dropped down through the hole in the centre, landing cat-like in front of him. He jumped, while Armes tutted. She was used to my behaviour by now. I straightened up, and I saw recognition flash in his eyes.

"Come human. I challenge you to a fight. Let us see if you can hold your ground for more than a second."

"I will not fight a woman lady."

"Then this should be even easier than I anticipated, coward." My smile twitched mischevously, urging him to fight. Slowly, he put up his blade. I darted in, tripping him up so he landed on his back. I knelt over him, my sword tip on the base of his neck.

"Dead." I whisper. He looks at me admiringly.

"Allow the dead another chance lady, and this time, he will not disappoint." I smiled, swiftly moving off him and in to a fighting stance. He stood up, baring his sword. I flashed forward again. Metal clashed on metal. I grinned at him, and although he was stunned by my smile, he grinned back. I pulled back, ready to jab again.

The End

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