The warm, golden sunlight drifted lazily through the glassless window as I absent-mindedly walked over, feeling the gentle fingers of the breeze brush my face.  Emerald ivy crept up the old stone walls and into the window, waterfalling onto the floor. It seemed to slither away from my feet to avoid being stepped on as I looked over onto the deep woods. A blue bird fluttered over to the sill fearlessly, whistling to me.

   I smiled, reaching up to stroke it's lustrous feathers. Everything in the elves' wood was so unusual, and so fine. "What a beautiful morning," murmured Althen from behind me, making me gasp in suprise. The elves walked so silently, their footsteps as quiet as the breeze. Even after eight years of living in their world, I was still not use to it.

  "Althen," I turned around, the bird fluttering away in suprise. He hoppled over on his staff of hickory, twisted and knotted in the most magnificent ways. His face was ageless and clear, yet his eyes showed the eternity he lived, and the pain of the past he endured. His body was only marked by the lack of use of his left leg, which he lost in battle long ago. The injury was healed, but the lameness which resulted was to be never fixed. "It is indeed a wonderful morning."

   He sighed, whispering some of their ancient words under his breath and the same bird who was frightened off flew over, perching on his shoulder. Althen smiled, lighting up his melancholy eyes.   I laughed, watching it contently sit on his shoulder as he continued to murmur to it softly. "I came to tell you," Althen turned away from the bird as he picked it up, cupping it in his hands. "A human has arrived before the King. I thought....that you may be curious of this."

   "Really?" I inquired aloud. I had never seen a human since.....the raid on my home, when I fled on the intructions of my parents, attempting to fight off the intruders.

   It was as if he heard my thoughts, gently letting the bird free and placing his hand on my arm. "You do not have to greet him if you wish. I believed it was information I should share with you." 

   I nodded, smiling mildly, "I shall go see."

   "Your curiousity always seems to get you, doesn't it?" he fondly grinned. "Go ahead, before he may leave. Though I doubt that. The king will certainly offer him food and drink if he be a good man."

   I smiled back, slipping past him and down the spiraling staircase. A human. I furrowed my brow. I thought of them as if they were not even my own kind.  Inside, I was very anxious to see one again.



The End

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