Ramin: The Mysterious Maiden

The beautiful maiden that led me to the elven home abandoned me. But then I was found, by another elf who took Raine from me, placing her into a stable. I followed the elf into a main hall.

It was lavishly adorned, shaded by the trees. The hall was light and airy, and the trees twined round the pillars and rooms. Elves were heavily nature-based creatures and there were rumours in the human towns that they could even speak to the trees.

I always admired the elves craftsmanship, it was always light and easy to use but extremely effective. As I stood before the elven king of this forest I bowed, despite his rich clothing and crown my attention was grabbed by the woman beside him.

She had beautiful, flowing, flaxen hair and such pale skin. I was so taken with her; I knew she was the same maiden in the forest. A hunter never forgets the details of such a beautiful creature. My gaze snapped back to the king as he coughed, his voice booming across the hall.

“Why do you pass on my lands, human?” He addressed me with such grace, I envied his power and royalty just by his voice.

“I wish only to pass through, you see, I do not know who I am and I want to find the elder in the deeper forest.”

He stopped, thinking on it for a moment before concluding, “The road there is perilous. You expect to defend yourself with those weak weapons?” He looked into my eyes and nodded, “the trees have whispered of you,” so the rumours were true...

I looked at him, “I am a meagre hunter of the town, I can afford nothing more,” he smiled and I looked at him questioningly.

“Then you will need help, our armouries will suit you well, I should think.”

My eyes widened slightly, “are you sure? I mean, really. Are you sure?”

The king nodded and I grinned. YES! Elven weaponry!

The End

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