I watched the human stopped by the water I had planned to sing to today. He was rough, his hair messy and dark black as the darkest sky, and his skin was sunned from many days labour. Swiftly and silently I swung myself up in to a tree, circling the clearing to get a better view. I noticed his dagger first, he was armed. His clothes were simple, and yet he held himself as a king would, or even another of my elfen kind. On reaching a branch opposite him I was startled to see that his eyes, as startlingly beautiful as they would have been when blue, had also a faint lavender colour in them. I stared for a long while as he watered is horse, and then as he gazed at his reflection I decided on what action i would take.

Surely my father would wish to see this man who travelled in our woods? And so I must lead him there. Swiftly making my way behind him again I rustle the branches and make my footsteps heavy for a while. He looks around but cannot see me. I see he is ready to defend himself. A hunter then.

"Who's there?" I step a few steps back, and then rustle another branch. He steps forward, wary, but intrigued. Taking his horse he follows the sounds I make. Soon we are on the edge of my home, and so I will leave him, knowing he will soon be discovered. Before I go, I let him glimpse my back, so he will not recognise my face and I laugh my most enchanting laugh. Slipping away I watch him stand stunned and then pick his way towards where I stood.

It is strange to think he is as fascinated with me as I am with him. I run lightly up to my rooms and change from my jerkin and trousers in to the dresses that my father makes law for me to wear, at least in court. He does not like that I am not as fragile as some maidens, but I have his pride and strength and will not back down. As soon as I am dressed in my green velvet dress with the decorative brown leather corset on top I head to the halls of my father, for I know that he will soon arrive. I take my place behind my father's chair as a messenger announces a human has been found. My father waves for him to come forward. 

The End

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