The Forgotten Realm

A man sets out on a journey that will lead him to discover who he is, and where he comes from, with help from the friends he makes along the way

Deep in the lands of Sojourn, between the misty mountains of Rivek and the still forests of Lithian, a whisper had begun. Every creature, every tree, every river seemed to know something was going to happen.

A small village, obscure in the eyes of the world, settled between these great landmarks, next to the river Amu, also felt the stirrings. As night bloomed, and the full moon shone bright in the sky making the trees of Lithian glow silver, a small cry was heard. The villagers, disturbed, searched the nearby river bed for the source of the noise. A young woman, who had recently lost her child to a hungry Svithark, chanced upon a small bundle, which was making the crying noise. Opening up the blankets, she discovered a small child. His eyes fluttered as she picked him up, and he stared in to her face with an honesty and pride which touched her heart. Taking him back to her house she fed him, and with the council of the elders was allowed to keep him.

The young boy grew up in to a young man, strong, powerful, and kind. He was envied and loved throughout the village, and his mother loved him dearly. But he never knew where he had come from, and his heart ached to know the truth. When one day, his loving mother was killed by Svithark, he set out to kill the creature. But upon finding it among the trees of Lithian, he saw its nest, and the chicks inside it. Deciding to leave the bird and its young alone, he began to return to the village. The bird bowed its head to him and declared him noble, and that one day, she would repay this debt. The man carried on unknowing of what the bird had said.

But now, nothing held him to the village. He left, taking only his horse and his few possessions, along with enough rations to last him until the next village. he also took all the money he owned in thw world, which was not much to say the least.

He would discover who he was, and why he had been left to the mercy of the elements so many years ago. All he had to give him a clue to his origin was a much worn piece of parchment which stated only two things.


The Forgotten Realm


The End

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