Corinne buckled herself in just before takeoff. She had done this so often that she didn't even bother to watch the plane leave the ground anymore. A tall blonde man stood in front of her seat and stored his stuff  in the overhead compartment. He took the seat beside her, then buckled himself in. He smiled at her, she smiled back. She was tired, she had work to do, she didn't feel like talking, so she closed her eyes and waited till the plane evened out. When the seat belt sign went off, she pulled up her little table and set her briefcase on it.

Her auburn hair fanned across her face as she searched through the case. She took out a thick folder, then put the briefcase under the seat. She spread the contents out on the small table,  and pulled a pen out of her purse. She read through the folder, then picked out a sheet, which she read, then started ticking off items.

portable tents, check ... oxygen tanks,check ... assorted donated tropical clothing, check ...   bandages, check ... antibiotics, check ... complete first aid equipment, check ... portable defibrillators ...” 

Corinne mumbled under her breath as she went through the entire list. When she was finished, she flexed her tired shoulders and put her pen down. She hoped there were enough supplies to do the job. She glanced over at her seat mate, but he was stretched out in his seat, snoring slightly.

Corinne was a doctor for the Doctors without Borders organization, out of Ottawa, Canada. Her current assignment was to go to the big island of Hawaii, where a volcano eruption had wiped out several villages, and killed a lot of people. She would try to help as many of the survivors as she could.

There were supposed to be a bunch of Red cross people there already, but they needed another doctor. Corinne was used to being the last line of defence against death in any given emergency situation. Her organization supplied the medical equipent she would need, because the devastated area was unlikely to have the necessary resources. She just hoped the red cross had been able to supply food. Food was one thing she couldn't keep in those big aluminium cargo containers where the rest of her supplies were stored.

Corinne put the headphones in and was listening to music when the flight attendant came by with the meal cart. She took the meal handed to her, and set it on her table. The attendant moved on down the aisle. In a few minutes, the guy beside her leaned his head out into the aisle several feet.

Hey sweetheart, I'd like a meal too!” He called in a testy voice.

The attendant rolled her cart all the way back to the seat Corinne was in.

"I'm sorry sir, we're not supposed to wake the passengers."

"I wasn't asleep. Anyway, what's on the menu?"

"Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a chocolate brownie for dessert."

"That sounds decent. I'll have one." He told her, his tone just a touch less annoyed.

The attendent gave him a meal, then rolled her cart down the aisle again. Corinne looked at the guy, and furrowed her brows.

"What would you have done if you didn't like the menu?" she asked him." He set his cutlery on the table, and looked over her way.

"I would have sent her on her way."

"After putting her to all the trouble of coming back?"

"No trouble. It's her job."

Corinne opened the napkin with her cutlery in it, and took the plastic top off of her meal container. She turned her head toward the window a bit, and began to eat, deciding that this guy was a total jerk.

The End

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