Niall eagerly rubbed his hands together and sat back into the seat of the plane. Next stop, Hawaii. He had taken a year out from working with the band to travel the world. The flight attendants announced the regular rules and regulations of flight with their airline, then they were moving.

Niall watched out the window as the surrounding scenery dashed by, becoming an indiscernible blur as the plane reached its peak speed. As they left the ground, Niall watched everything become smaller, buildings appearing as pebbles, people as ants, trees as blades of grass.

The plane soon passed into cloud cover and all visibility was lost. Niall glanced about him. A few rows back a woman with a baby bump was sitting talking to a girl who looked to be slightly younger than him. Several other passengers surrounded him, one with a book sat on her lap, her focus entirely on it. Another was a rather portly man, balding also. Across the way, he spotted another young man, one who appeared around his age and had lengthy blonde hair.

Niall quickly became bored. He reached for his I-pod, shoved the earpieces in and relaxed back into sleep.

The End

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