Chapter Two: ShelbyMature

I looked out the smudged plane window to see the empty runway. When was this plane going to take off? I had been sitting in this uncomfortable seat for almost five minutes waiting for more people to board. Looking around, almost half of the seats were empty. I wondered how all of those people were going to get on so quickly.

I brushed a piece of blonde hair out of my face and dug in my purse to find my cell phone. I checked the clock: three minutes til this plane was supposed to take off. I turned it off and exchanged it for the novel I was currently reading. Suddenly a man came and sat next to me. While his head was turned the opposite way, I took a peek at what he looked like. He was probably middle aged, but more on the younger side. He had blackish-brown hair that spiked up in the front. I quickly looked at my book when his head turned back around. I felt him looking at me, but I tried to ignore it.

He laughed. "I remember that book. I stayed up a whole night reading it. A fine one, isn't it?" he remarked in a cheerful tone. I smiled at him.

"It is indeed," I answered, trying to be polite.

"Buckle your seatbelts, folks. The plane will be taking off in just a few short moments. If you need anything at all, please feel free to wave us down," a steward's voice floated through the intercom. I felt the plane vibrate a little, which was a good sign.

I couldn't wait to get off of this plane. It wasn't that I didn't like flying, it's just what's on the other end. Sand, sun and beautiful Hawiian beaches. I was doing a photoshoot there, and I was surprised that none of my friends weren't in the same plane as me.

The plane started rolling forward, and soon we were taking off.

"We're finally moving," I said, sounding much to excited.

"Yes we are."

Then in just a few moments, the ground was getting smaller and smaller and we were horizontal in the sky and above the clouds. Finally.

The End

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