Astra-Flor The Starchild

I am Astra-Flor, meaning Stellar Flower. I am a Starchild, coming from the stars, but thrown here, alone. Somehow, I am drawn to death. It's in my instincts, and I believe that is so I can help those who mourn. I don't like it, because I have feelings too.

I am only visable at night. I cannot control it, but when the stars in the sky disappear, so to do I. It is helpful sometimes, but mostly just annoying.

My short hair and small eyes are silver. I use no weapons but my hands, for they come in handy more than an awkward sword or heavy bow. I am short, and rather plump, but I am beautiful. Once I had found a dwarf in the forest, dying, and with his last breaths he had told me I was beautiful, and that dying was surely worth seeing a noble a young woman as me.

I have found no one yet, though, that wasn't dying or dead. Until one day, when I heard commotion a ways away. Knowing that it would be death, I tried to resist. But I could not. I saw two elves die by the claws and teeth of a dragon. I moaned softly, but my heart sang for joy as the Kull transformed and pledged his love to the Moonfolk girl.

I am related to Moonfolk, and Starchildren are often called Starfolk or Guardians of the Stars. Also to Pixies, and fairies by extent. I saw them all weep, but I showed myself, coming out from the trees.

"So sorry for your loss." I peeped. "Do you have room for another here?"

The End

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