Amber The Elf: Death

Dead- no, how could it be? Pain, worse than anything I had ever felt, streamed through me. Almost incapacitated, I fell to the ground, whrithing. As if she were still alive, I heard her whispering goodbye. A jolt went through me. Power. I would die too, but first I would avenge my sister.

My bows and arrows would be no use against it's diamond- hard hide, but I summoned my magic from my inner being.

Green magic flowed from me, turning towards the dragon. Just as I took my last breath, I saw it fall.

"Remember us!" I cried. "We shall be with you, remember us!"

The blackness swallowed me, and like Ember, I was staring Death in the face. Good bye...

Sorry, I didn't know what to do with Ember dead, so I think I'm gonna make a new character, so Amber is dead now. My new character is coming soon, though, and maybe if you really want, our spirits will be near enough that we can converse.

The End

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