Jinx the Pixie: Travelling is fun

I skip happily in front and watch Constance fly above. I turn to see the others behind. Luna hands on head walking lazily not bothered about anything.

Then Ember and Amber walking so slowly as if any secound they were gonna get blown up or eaten by a rasgul.

(A rasgul is a large beast, sort of like a wolf but waaaaaay bigger)

I put my hands on my hips and glare a the twins. "Will you stop being so nervous travelling is fun, I couldn't believe you hadn't heard of Crystal Place. Luna's heard of it and she's a moonfolk they usually hide from Crystal Palace"

"I've heard it cause I travel" Luna says opening one eye.

"If you walk with your eyes closed your fall over" Constance says landing at my side.

"Don't worry I can sen..."

Crack! Everyone freezes. "Hide" I whisper vanishing from sight but still staying still.

"That's not fair she can..." Ember begins.

Constance puts a hand on my shoulder and the cloak raps round her.

"Oh, can we all do that" Amber whispers.

"No" hisses Luna removing her sword from in scabbard. "Remember Pixie's and Fairies are related the cloak only protects their species"

I feel Constance lift me up and fly us up into the tree where we hide invisable. Then I watch as the rasgul comes out from withen the bush.

The End

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