Jinx the Pixie : Wandering

I didn't know what to say and fidgeted slightly on the rock. This was confusing okay so the two elves were called Amber and Ember they were twins. The moonfolk was called Luna and the fairy was called Constance.

"Why are their so many here? I've not seen a face in six years I travel north and I meet loads of people" I say shocked. I fall back of the rock and hear them gasp but they all sih when I scramble back up the side.

"Sorry" I laugh, then stop hating the way it sounds like bells. I look at the others and sigh. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. "Hide" I whisper and disapeer.

"Where she gone?" Luna shouts jumping to her feet.

"Calm" Constance says. "It's what they do" Luna sits and they continue their converstion without me.

The End

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