I wandered through the forest. I wasn't doing anything in particular, just walking. The sound of voices reached my ears. There were two what sounded like elves, and I could sense a pixie nearby. I decided to go meet the elves. Being a Guardian of the Night, more oftenly called Moonfolk, was good but sometimes got quite boring. It's winter, for heavens sake. No Dawn Shadows are going to be powerful enough to do anything right now. Summer's fun. Especialy the summer solstice. You're actually to use a moonbeam sword, since the shortest night is when our powers are weakest. It makes you see the world in a whole different way. But in winter only midnight daggers and, starlight arrows are legal. Midnight swords are the most powerful things, but they're completely illegal. which is why I'm not with my people. Because I stole one.



Species~Guardian of the Night/Moonfolk, can be called either

Hair~Midnight blue

Eyes~Bright silver

The End

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