Jinx the Pixie

I love the fact no one can see me. I jump down from the tree and land on my feet. I hear voices. Two the left and a lot more coming from the right. Hmm, maybe I should investigate but which way?

I'm Jinx by the way and I'm a Pixie. My hair is brown cut short and spikey, My eyes are a pale blue, I short like all Pixies, my ears are pointy and my teeth are shrap. I am at the moment wearing mud brown trousers and long sleeved top. Then there's my cloak, it's what keeps me invisible and clings to me like a secound skin, it works when I tell it to.

I jump to my feet. I don't like crowds so I travel left. I skip and climb until I spot a clearing surrounded by a ring of stones. And there inside were two elves. "Oh, company" I shriek, it had been months since I had found another living soul. "Show" I whisper and I'm seeable to the world.

Time to make friends.

The End

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