The Forest

Bring your creature to the Forest! Vampires, elves, fairies, dwarves, werewolves, and any other creature that has been thought up... or maybe one that hasn't?

Please tell me: what be you? Have you a favourite imaginary creature? Are you a vampire, fairy, dwarf, werewolf, or elf? Maybe an orc, or an urgal, for those who have read or seen The Lord Of The Rings or The Inheritance Cycle?

The forest may be evil... or good... or maybe just a set. But in any case, you all have come here, so come to the clearing, sit on the circle of rocks, and meet each other. All creatures that come here may leave... but I would think twice about doing that! It is not a good place for mortals, though, so unless they aren't sticking around long... don't let them invade our secret place.

Maybe lend to this story a character that you have had in another place? Some people may want a new, fresh, character, and that is allowed here too. But whatever you are, take care!

So again, What be you?

The End

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