Two- PaytonMature

I put my blue lunch -bag on the trolley and took my seat. My long pink shirt covered most of the bruises, enough to say I fell riding my bike, or skating. What ever a ten year old was suppose to do in the big apple. A normal girl.

I looked back and looked at the lunchboxes. Some pink, green and blue, others with cartoon characters. Not mine. Or that other boy who can’t read.

The teacher came up to the black bored and wrote down a math problem.

“3,895,867 - 5,095=?” he asked. I did the math in my head quickly and shot up my hand. “You!” he said to me.

“389,077,.2,” I said. The teacher nods in appovelrel.

“Now class, this year is going to be diffent from all the other classes you have had. You are going to learn things, that next year, at the middle school, you better learn. No excuses.” Boy he sounded mean.

“Sir?” I raised my hand, “May I go to the bathroom?” I asked.

“Yes. Hurry up.” he rolled his eyes as I raced out of the room. I opened the locker I shared with a girl named René. I grabbed my book bag, just a cheap reusable bag from Wal-mart and grabbed a maxi pad. I think I got my period.

I had nobody to talk to about at home. My mother slaps me on the face when I talk, my Dad..Daddy is. Wrong. I know that this isn’t nice, but I hate my Daddy. And he hates me. He slaps me, hurts me..does things that I shouldn’t know about.

I walked past the nurses office in tears. She noticed.

“Come here, Sweetie.” she said. I nodded and stepped into her office. “What’s in your hand?” I handed her the pad. “Ohh..first time?”


“Honey, getting your period is normal, wonderful thing! Has your Mother talked to you about it?”


“Well..” She told me a lot. What it is, why it’s here, what do I do etc.

“Thank you. I feel really sick..”

“’s ok dear, go lie down.” I nodded and walked to the tiny cot in the back of her office.

I begin to count the ceiling tilesOne..Two..Three..Fourand than I felt like I was going to fall asleep..sleep.

The End

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