He loved no one...

He loved no one... Raphael had never known his parents, orphaned at the age of three he never had a stable home, from the orphanage in the slums of industrial part of the city to the dozens of foster parents he’d burned through. No home, no family, no friends, no commitments, no responsibilities, no love. It was the only life he had ever known, being raised in an orphanage where every day was a struggle to keep himself from getting killed had taught him the toughest and most honest rule of his life. Trust no one. This was a harsh and unforgiving world; it would chew you up and spit you out if you gave it the slightest chance to. In Raphael’s cold green eyes there was no such thing as goodness; goodness was just an illusion to cover the evil part of a human’s soul that they denied existence.

This was, for the most part, what Raphael used to truly and whole heartedly believe in. That was until he met her...the woman with the blue eyes. Elizabeth.  


The End

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