It was a cold morning

It was a cold morning, and she began to shiver violently. She didn't expect it to be so cold. It was the summer after all, and she was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Yet, it got colder and colder until she finally decided to head back. It was simply too cold to go to the pool. As she walked, it got colder and colder. She looked over her shoulder saw icicles on the bushes. She touched one and it fell onto the pavement, shattering on the ground. What is going on? She wondered. She began to run. But she wasn't fast enough. Later on, a man looked out his window saw a statue lying on the ground. He bundled up and walked up to it. That is when he realized that wasn't a statue but a girl, frozen solid. It signified the beginning of the end. The beginning of... the apocalypse.

The End

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