So, you want to here my story? I didn't think anyone cared....

My ice blue eyes flicked to my lighter as the tiny flame danced onto my cigarette. I took a long drag of the smoke, feeling it warmly waver in my lungs. 

"I was left to die." I chuckled as the young boy writer no more than three or four years younger, scribble fiercely in his notebook. "I was left for dead by my friends, my family..." I clenched a fist. "And even by my country." I took another puff from my cigarette, the air seemed so still. Time itself seemed to be stopping just to hear my tale. 

"What happened?" he asked hanging on my words. I blinked, I was still trying to answer that question. 

"It was 2010, July. We were sent into Yuktobaine to uncover if the Uke's  really had a Aegis class Destroyer. It was supposed to be a simple in and out op." I shook my head, "How wrong we were. When we reached the coastline, my squad and I were to infiltrate the harbor and get pictures of the ship."

"That's when you were ambushed?" The boy asked. I shut my eyes and placed a hand on my forehead. 

"Yes," I started shakily. " My second in command, Jonn, was struck in the shoulder first. We all fell back to a car we hand commandeered and returned fire. I made sure everyone of my men got in that truck 'fore me." I swallowed my rising emotions. " A bullet tore through my cheek and ripped off a lower part of my ear. I tilted my face to the right so he could see the scar. "There was so much blood." I opened my eyes. The boy was frozen on the edge of his seat, a hint of smoke wavering around him. "They drove off. Left me!" I felt a rage growing in my gut. Then the Uke's got me and sent me to a 'labor camp'."

I turned away, looking to a cracked window in the room. "Then they tortured me. FOR THREE YEARS!" I screamed to no one in particular.

"How did you escape, sir?" He asked, eyes wide with anticipation. 

"With murder." I stated simply, my icy blue gaze returning upon him.

The End

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