I was home-schooled so my first day at high school was a fright....

At first glance this is your typical 'Mean Girls' story.  Smart and polite boy/girl is thrown into the chaos that is public high school and is bullied, develops a crush and then later finds that special something that makes them cool or popular in a way (perhaps at the expense of their better qualities) and then they start a nice relationship with said crush. 

     The twist however is in the unassuming adjective 'fright'.  The bullying and claim to fame are all part of a horror/mystery plot.  The haunting is real and the high school shenanigans is inspired by the spirits of deceased high school students.  Our hero/heroine solves the mystery, puts the evil spirits to rest and lives out their high school days in angst free contentment. 

All for your reading pleasure for the affordable price of $7.50.  Available in paperback only.  Found in the Fiction Young Adults section of any major book store.

The End

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