It had already been half an hour, and no one had shown up.

I would call this novel    The Audition

A very famous producer/director has set up auditions for his newest reality show, called Magic: Show and Tell. He had sent out invitations to all of the famous magicians in the world, but no one showed up - or so he thought. After half an hour, he leaves the theatre to find out that nothing around him is familiar. For one thing, the sky is orange, and there are two suns and three moons visible at the same time. He is obviously not on Earth anymore.

A strange looking character shows up and declares that it (that's right, it, not he or she) wants to audition for the producer's reality show. The character looks like a cross between a worm and a three toed tree sloth, but it has talent. The character turns various trees, plants, and one of the moons into something entirely different.

This novel will be on the humorous side, so there would be all kinds of weird and hilarious things happen, as more magical hopefuls show up to strut their stuff for the producer, in hopes of getting a gig on his reality show.

In the end, the producer wakes up in his bed after having had the strangest dream of all time. He realizes that he hadn't even begun the real auditions yet. He gets up, showers and dresses, all the while thinking about some of the auditions in the dream. He is very, very glad that it was all just a dream - or was it? He peaks out the window, and sees an orange sky ----

The End

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