The Fear Of Falling Apart

In the fall section of Life As We knew it, high school is falling apart people are leaving. There have been mad parents, and hungry teens. People have also been dying. School work has not been being done.

             So now it's fall in Life As We know It and things have been crazy. To start off Miranda (the main character) went back to school to see there weren't very many people there. So the teacher came in and said if you would like to be homeschooled go to the office and get your books. So that's what Miranda did. When she was in the office she noticed no one was looking so she took a bunch of journals and pencils from the supply closet. When she told her mom that she was going to stay home and do school Miranda said she would study when she was supposed to. Later in the fall Miranda was in the kitchen. So the thing is Miranda's mom would leave food that they were allowed to eat in the cabinet. The pantry was off limits. So Miranda got the crazy idea to go into the pantry and steal food. So she was looking around in the pantry and saw some chocolate chips. Miranda was literally pouring the chocolate chips in her mouth so fast that she couldn't taste them. Then her mom walked in on her. Mom yelled Miranda! Miranda stopped and looked at her mom. Then her mom made her eat every last one of them. She wasn't going to leave until she ate all of them. When she missed one she would tell her. She was really mad. Chocolate is a strong force in a time like this. But she learned her lesson. She learned to always listen to her mom.


The End

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