Thea. - Cool!

We all are on a sandy floor. By all, I mean the sword dude as well. I look around. Where are we? It's boiling here, great, I'm going to get dehydrated! I stand up, shaking off the sand. The Roman is looking around in shock. I follow his gaze. No way!

"Cool! We're in Egypt!" They all turn and look at me. "I've never been but in my History classes, the Egyptians were the coolest by far!" Okay, now I sound like an utter geek. The Roman takes out his sword, saying things very quickly in a foriegn tongue. I roll my eyes. That India girl ain't gonna like that. Oh well, we're in Egypt and I'm not bleeding anymore. What could go wrong?

"This isn't Egypt." Tom says standing up. "Can you see the sand?" I kick some to make my point. "If we're in Egypt then why is there Big Ben here?" I turn and see what he means. Big Ben is right in front of us with parts of it missing due to age and it's covered in sand. "Okay. We're in England. Wanna put a bet on what time it is?"

The End

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