India - Non of your buisness

"That's no of you buisness" I say shocked. "And don't threaten me"

I see his hand tighten on the hilt of his sword my eyes taking in every movement. For the breathing of my companians to the movement of shadows outside the door.

"You pull that sword out and you'll be on the floor in five seconds" I say baring my teeth.

"I just tried that" Thea hisses to me.

"Guys we need to get out of here" Tom says ergently.

"Well, I don't think we can with him close by he'll move too" I say.

"What... are you people.... on about?" the boy says with slight difficulty.

"Ssh" I hiss then turn back to the others who are all gathering around Tom.

"I think if I try this" Tom mumbles. I feel the boy approach from behind.

Then a blinding light. "Oh god not again" I say.

The End

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