Thea. - No More!

I burst out laughing again. Okay this is the worst time to laugh but I don't care! I'm free of my uncle! The guy with the sword points it at me. "Look mate, we're not saxons." I say, stopping laughing. He looks confused. Oh,that's right he doesn't know slang. I stand up. "You, boy. We are not Saxons! How dare you call us such!" I say this in a posh voice. The others are shocked. What can I say? I went to acting classes. The boy points his sword closer to my chest, eyes narrowed.

"You really shouldn't of done that!" I say, anger filling my body. I do one of those jump kick things, sending the guy flying, making him drop his sword.

I pick it up and point it at him. "Now, I've had enough of getting told what to do and threatened, so if you dare speak to me or any of these lot then again then I'll be the one pointing the sword at you!" His dark brown eyes are slits and he grabs my arm(the one holding the sword) and twists it back, making me yell out in pain and drop it.

Great. Now he's got it again and he looks really pissed! "Nice one twat!" One of the girls hisses at me, eyes blazing.

The End

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