Vedrix: celts intrusion this far in?

The strangely dressed celts run off. I could tell they are Saxons becuase of the way they talked. I even knew how to speak bits and parts of their thier langauge, my father used to be posted at Hadrians wall and I would play along the grassy fields with a few of the celtic childern. I didn't understand why we seprated ourselves from them at the time they didn't seem evil to me.  This how ever was a strange occurence they dress differently , and lied to me and they where to far into our territory. I was going to get to the bottom of this fast.  I grab a gladius , I follow odd foot prints into a locked building.  I chop the lock off with a swing and sheath the blade. It was unfrotunate the dirt was loose in the room , and I saw where they are hiding. I dig into my mind to remember some saxon words.

" Come out , I will not bring legions." I hope that meant I'm meant no harm but I wasn't sure.

The End

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