India: No way!

"Okay... I want to be back with the vikings!" I hiss.

Romans march below us. Everyone's trying to stay quiet.

"Is it me or has this tree change shape?" Mia hisses. Then Tom falls. Both me and Mia reach out catching one of his hand each.

A roman looks up and yells out. "Ahhh!!" Everyone screams. We jump down and race off heading for a small village.

I found myself up front. Well, of course. I've lived on the streets and had tons of training in sports.

We rush to the village then hide in a house. We turn and see a boy watching us with shock.

"What are you doing here?" Well, I think thats what he says. He's obviously not roman. Although his accent is strong.

"Uhh" We all look at each other trying to think of what to say.

The End

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