India - Vikings?? Come on

I react almost automatically. I spin and kick sending the viking sprawling onto the ground.

Vikings?? Seriously?? Come on.

I look around my eyes quickly taking in the surroundings. The viking gets to his feet and I crouch into a fighting stance as does a girl next to me.

Hmm, some sort of boxing I think.... Wait, what the hell am I doinging? I'm somewhere strange facing a viking and I'm studying someone whose helping me.....

Well, I assume she's helping me.

He begins speaking but I can't work out the words. "What?" I say confusion slowly forming on my face.

"Uh, can anyone understand him?" the girl next to me asks. Everyone shakes there heads.

Then the viking raises his sword. And I don't think anyone can help it but we scream as he swings it towards us ducking out the way.

We look at each other turn and run till we're far off, one off us slags behind.

"So" I gasp. "My name's India"

"Tom, this is Mia" says the boys.

"Thea" says the girl who seems quite bruised up.

"Dakota" says the girl who got into a fighting stance with me.

"Okay" I say. "Now thats sorted...... WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?!?!?" I shout.

The End

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