I jump and then back flip. I kick the man in the head. "Come one, I thought since you challanged me you would at least have some skill" I joke.

He bares his teeth and his gang watches from behind him. "India, I know I can't beat you now but I will one day..... get her boys!" He shout.

"Wow" I shout then run off. I vault a wall and the bobble keeping my black hair tied up comes loose allowing it to flow around my face finishing below my chin.

I hear some thuds and grunts behind me as the men try to get over the wall but not as easily as me.

Sigh, life on the streets such hard work.

I do have a home, not that I'm there often. I'm 16 years old. I come from a posh family, I live alone in an apartment and ace all of my tests.

Yet I enjoy the thrill and rush of adventure on the street.

I lose the group and spot a pair staring at a box. "Hey!" I call. Lets hope my violet eyes don't freak them out.

The End

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