The faulty Time Machine

A boy finds a faulty time machine and is sent through time willy-nilly

Plucking up my courage, I ran. Ran like the wind. My plan was going to work this time. I could feel it.

My name is Tom and I am a foster child. It is a horrible life. Foster home after foster home. They keep you like a borrowed game. They care for you. Just when you think you have a mum and dad to love they move you onto the next home. Well, not this time. I'm fifteen and running my own life.

Following my plan I knock out Mia's door. She says she has a place I can go until I get enough money to live somewhere else. She arrives in no time to the door, all ready to go.

We run through the park and along the golf courses. That was the instance that changed my life forever. I tripped when going through the green on one of the holes. Turning aroud I see a corner of a cube sticking out. My curiosity gets the better of me and I dig it out. It is a little, metal cube which complecated knobs and levers.

On the back is a German inscription, GCSE's don't fail me know.

Mia comes over to investigate and we both read the writing.

"Professor Findug's Time Machine"

The End

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