The reminiscence...

          It was a warm and pleasant night, the sky looked beautiful as if a black piece of velvet had been lined over the sky and sprinkled with diamonds. A light wind was blowing making the beautiful silk curtains look like it was dancing, rejoicing the beautiful summer night. Charles stood facing the open window in his room which over looked the garden. He stood there staring fixedly towards the ground with gleaming eyes and a grin spread across his handsome face. 

       Thinking about Cathy and reminiscing the things that had happened during the day. His heart still skipped a beat remembering the kiss, the rush of emotions he felt when their lips met nearly burst his heart. It had felt so right, like she completed him in some strange way, her gentleness had revealed a side of her that he had never known which completely shocked him. The look on her face as they parted confirmed the feelings that he had hoped her to feel. 

     They had held hands and talked all afternoon about nothing in particular. Promising to meet him the next day she had rushed out of the library leaving him completely blown away. Here he was now waiting for the night to get over as he longed her touch, her smile, her presence. 


"You took away the darkness,

you took away the pain.

You rekindled in me the light

that had blown out after shining in vain.

You filled me with hope,

you are my only obsession.

You are the one  for whom,

I could abandon the world without a question."


              Muttering these lines he closed his eyes as he laid across his bed hoping she would appear in his dreams.

The End

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