The poems

As Cathy read through the poems every day she found a common theme. Either a dier need for someones love or a forbidden love. Her heart raced very strongly when she read a certain poem and she found her self whispering a line from the book every now and then. This did get her a few weird glances from the other maids.

She often found herself blushing when they glanced over but that didnt stop Cathy sneaking off for just one moment to read one more page. Then one day she found herself rushing to the market on her day off to buy herself a journal. So inspired by the poetry she sat and began writing her own.

The poetry was amateur but Cathy found it a very easy way to express her emotions for Charles. Then one day she approached him clutching her journal to her chest. He looked up from where he sat at a desk in the libary. When their eyes met Cathy could swear she saw a flicker of the same emotion she  felt for him in his eyes. She took a sharp breath and held out her journal.

"What's this?" he asks as Cathy hands it to him.

"I've given a go at some poetry" she whispers as Charles rises and moves to the sofas. He gestures to the seat next to him. Cathy moves slowly and sits next to him making sure she's not too close. Charles flicks open the book and then looks up at the maid.

"This is quite good" he says then begins to recite one.

'For the heaven I wish to be,

The love of someone I know who loves me,

For the light of the sun that glows so bright,

I wish my love would bless my sight,

So come to me my dear one,

For I know you are the one'

When Cathy's eyes meet his then. Her heart begins to race and slowly he leans across. His lips press on hers and Cathy for a moment does nothing before lightly kissing back. This must be a dream, she thinks.

The End

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